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Work with us and get a reward!

We would like to create a list of spots where it is worth to take your JetSurf with you. We’ll be happy if you share your experiences from trips with JetSurf around the world. We know from our own experience that it’s much better to have us much information us you can get ahead, so you don’t have to waste your time when you arrive.

Helpful information

  • What kind of transport from the airport did you choose?
  • What kind of accommodation did you choose?
  • Did hotel have any storage place for your JetSurf?
  • Spots where did you ride your JetSurf
  • Where did you wash up your JetSurf?
  • Where did you take your JetSurf for service?
  • What kind of travel documents did you need for your trip?
  • And so on.


Whatever useful information comes up to your mind, can make travel easier for other JetSurf riders. If we use your report on our JetSurfBlog, you’ll get $50 as a small reward for your effort.


If you would like to see any other questions in this article, you can write us in comments under this post. Thank you.

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