JetSurf race in Prague 2016

Why to become a JetSurf racer

1. The cheapest World Championship among all the similar water sports

The MotoSurf WorldCup races are taking places all around the world. The biggest different from other similar water sports is that you don’t need to have millions of dollars in the budget for each season.

The JetSurf is ultra light (only 18 kg) and has the ability to be transported via person, car, boat, and plane as personal luggage for almost no extra cost. That makes the MotoSurf GP probably the cheapest, economical and environmentally most advanced Motorsport in the world today.

2. A new sport

Even though you are totally new to JetSurfing and you don’t have any experiences yet, you still can be sure that other racers are ahead of you only a few years.

If you discover a talent in you, it shouldn’t be a problem to catch up with them in few months of training and start competing on their level.

3. Travel

You will see new places all around the world, meet new people and be doing a fun sport while doing it.

4. Beautiful locations

MotoSurf WorldCup races are placed in great locations and if you like to be close to the water you will love JetSurf and JetSurf races too.

5. Great feeling from competing

Most people have the urge to compete and measure themselves with others. If you belong to those people you are the perfect fit to be a JetSurf racer.

Become a JetSurf racer and proof yourself you are better than others. The adrenalin rush from racing is addictive and you won’t be able to compensate it with anything else.

6. Price money

MotoSurf WorldCup is rewarding the best riders with price money in 2017 season.

The prize money for each race are set on $3530 in total and how much each racer will get depends on how many points will be able to collect during the heats and finals. (1 point = 4 EUR).

Besides the prize money, the top 10 men racers have a free hotel room and flight ticket for next race. In the women category, it will be the same for the top 5 racers.

Overall Winner of MotoSurf WorldCup wins new Jetsurf Race Titanium which is worth $14000.

7. Sponsors

All racers have the opportunity to show how good they are and get a contract with a sponsor.

Do you have another reason why to become a JetSurf racer in your mind? Or maybe why not to become a JetSurf racer? Either way, let us know in comments underneath this post. Thank you.

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