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We have created a new page on our blog. JetSurf gallery!

Do you have a JetSurf photos or videos? Do you want others to see them? Send them to us!

We have created a new JetSurf gallery for you where we will publish your photos and videos.
All you need to do is to send your JetSurf photo or video on our email and we will gladly upload it in our JetSurf gallery. Also, add your Instagram username (@) and you will be able to gain new followers.

Get an attention of sponsors

If you are a racer in MotoSurf GP and trying to find sponsors, this could be a way to get their attention. An interesting photo or video can draw an attention of a company and in the best case of scenario, they will become your sponsor and financially cover your whole season.

Sponsors can contact you through your personal Instagram username (@username). Make sure you don’t forget to add the username so you can start to build up your fan base.

An example of a video which has got her owner a sponsoring of swimsuit company.

Crazy tricks on JetSurf

Be the first rider who land a new trick on JetSurf and show it to everybody on our blog.

JetSurf repairs and problems

Another great contribution to our new JetSurf gallery is for example video where you’ve just solved a problem of your JetSurf or repaired it. That kind of videos will be very useful. We will be trying to add as many of these videos as we can so you will be able to come to our blog and seek help.

Your photos and videos will be posted on our Instagram and Facebook

We will be picking photos and videos from JetSurf gallery on our blog and posting them on our Instagram JetSurf blog and JetSurf girls and also on Facebook. With this action, we will be promoting your name absolutely for free and you can just sit back and watch the number of your followers grow.

Service and tips

You can also send us videos with ideas and tips about how you are taking care of your JetSurf and what kind of service are you giving to it.

With sending a video or photo on our email you are giving us a permission to publish it on our blog and share it on Instagram and Facebook.

You can find our new JetSurf gallery in upper menu or just click here.

What else would you like to see on our JetSurf blog? Just let us know in comments underneath. Thank you.

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