JetSurf jezdec na vlně

Things to think about before buying JetSurf

Before buying JetSurf you should take a time and think about a few important things. We have tried to include them all in our post.

1. Weight

The weight of JetSurf with empty fuel tank is almost 20 Kg (44 lbs). JetSurf comes with a pretty good cover which allows you to carry it on your back. It still can be little too heavy for your pretty wife or kid.


2. Storage place

You can wash up your JetSurf as many times you want but you still be able to smell gasoline from the engine. The best place to storage it is garage or place with the good ventilation system.

3. Service

You should always find out where is closest JetSurf service first and how difficult it will be to get there in case of necessary. It is really important to follow the rules of taking care of JetSurf. If you do that you will lower the risk of technical troubles on minimum.

4. Transport

To transport your JetSurf you will need a big trunk or car where you can fold down back seats. Then you’ll be able to slide JetSurf through inside. Another option is tied it up to the roof of the car. Of course, there are many more options than these two, but we just want to make the point to take a minute and think about it before buying. On the other site, thanks to the cover we were talking earlier you can easily take your JetSurf in a plane and have fun on your vacation.

5. Sea water

If you ride in sea water, you need to flush the salt water out of your engine as soon as you are finished. So think about where is gonna be your place you’ll be able to find a hose and fresh water.

6. A place to ride

You are not allowed to ride anywhere you want. Find out first if you can ride on spots you are planning to go and make sure, there is good access to the water too so you can put your JetSurf easily on the water.

If you would add something to this list of things “you should be thinking about before buying JetSurf”, please let us know in comments. Thanks.

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