JetSurf on Van Dutch Miami

Progress of JetSurf

How far can progress of JetSurf get and what should factory focus on?

It is hard to say, but we try to talk about it a little bit anyway.

In our own opinion is JetSurf perfect in one thing. That is its beautiful shape. It always puts me in a better mood when I take a look at it and its clean carbon look with no stickers or anything else on looks really great.

Another thing, I don’t require any other progress from the developers is the absolutely amazing feeling I have after every ride on JetSurf.

All that said, it is a young sport and factory should be still working on the progress of JetSurf.

1. Reliability

It is really important to follow the rules of taking care of JetSurf. If you do that you will lower the risk of technical troubles on minimum. On the other side, the developers should never stop trying to get JetSurf better.

2. Straps

If you only ride for fun, the basic straps which come with JetSurf will be enough to satisfy you and you will be wondering what I am talking about.

If you will be getting better and faster you will agree with me. In sharp turns, you can really feel the centrifugal force and it’s hard to keep your feet in straps. Every strap has two strips so you can tie it up but during the ride, it’s not easy to do so. If you tie them up too tied, you’ll have trouble to get your feet back in.

A good solution is a strap with buckle, which you can see for example on a snowboard. The buckle allows you to tie the strap up very fast and easy even during the ride. The only disadvantage is that they have little metal parts in them and they can get rusty especially in salt waters. These are used mainly by racers. Racers are actually cutting holes in pads for their toes so their feet wouldn’t slip out in sharp turns.

JetSurf straps
JetSurf straps with a buckle
JetSurf cut strap
JetSurf strap with cut off piece for better grip













Another solution is a strap similar to wakeboard boots. That is a great solution for really fast and sharp turns or for crazy tricks in jumps. It is not possible to use it for racing though because there is no way to get quickly back in them after a crash.

Please try to think about it and come up with some ideas. If you figure something out feel free to write it down in comments. Thanks.

3. Fins

It was happening to me a lot that in sharp turn I went to a slide and lost all the speed, kind of like car on ice. I was saying to myself it is probably because of my bad technic skills, but I asked one racer, my friend, anyway. He said, it happens to him a lot too and the reason is that the water jet and fins get out of the water. He also added that fins are probably going to be part what will make the biggest progress in next few years. We’ll see.

JetSurf fins
JetSurf fins

4. Engine

JetSurf gets on speed up to 37 mph. Are you saying that is not that much? My guess is you weren’t riding it yet. That speed on water is really something.

No doubt, JetSurfs will be even faster in the future, I guess only racing models, though. On those, you MUST use a helmet, life vests and all kinds of protective pads every time.

JetSurf engine
JetSurf engine

5. Handle with throttle

Originally we have had here that there can be some work on throttle done too but before we could have published this post, it actually happened. On Miami International Boat Show was introduce a new improved JetSurf Race Titanium model 2017 and we could have seen it has a regulator on max speed right on the handle with the throttle. It is really handy.

JetSurf throttle
JetSurf handle with throttle (2016)

6. Cover (bag)

The cover is really well done, the only thing we would expect a little progress of JetSurf developers is wheels like some luggage have. It would make transport easier for women.

JetSurf cover bag
JetSurf cover (front)
JetSurf cover bag
JetSurf cover (back)










If you think we should have mentioned other parts of JetSurf that needs some progress, just let us know in comments underneath. Thank you.


  1. Reply Stanislav May 11, 2017 at 10:12 pm

    Set the charge indicator to the battery! In the process of traveling, when friends ride, it is difficult to monitor the battery charge (((

    • Reply admin May 12, 2017 at 1:40 am

      Hi, Stanislav! That is a very good idea and we absolutely agree with that, it would be really handy. Hopefully, JetSurf company is working on it already but we don’t have any information about that right now. Thank you for your comment.

  2. Reply John May 29, 2017 at 1:22 pm

    They should make the fuel tank have more capacity (larger) by using the extra empty cavity space in front of the current one (to have longer rides between filling). They should also put a fuel gauge/ low fuel indicator either in the handle or Bluetooth/wireless to a waterproof smart watch/Apple Watch so we easily know when to head back to shore.

    They need to install a freshwater hose flush connector so we can connect a water hose to easily flush saltwater from the engine…would also be helpful for winterizing with antifreeze for storage in cold climates.

    • Reply admin May 31, 2017 at 7:11 pm

      These are all very good points. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Reply Sean Santella July 2, 2017 at 8:03 pm

    Idk about you guys but the battery charger I received with my jetsurf is completely different then the charger in the manual. To the point I have no idea how to or if my battery is charged. Does anyone have this problem? My charger is a touch screen

  4. Reply admin July 3, 2017 at 7:50 pm

    If you have the touch screen, just press charge and then the start. That is the basic set up and will charge your JetSurf. We will prepare instruction video for this kind of touch screen charger as soon as possible.

  5. Reply Sean Santella July 6, 2017 at 2:49 pm

    Had a blast the first time out on my jetsurf. I couldn’t stand up yet but was able to go off a dock. 2 things. I’ve tried to tighten the straps but my feet keep sliding out. Do you recommend water shoes? Other thing is I’m short and I feel the bindings are spread to wide any way I can adjust to bring the stance closer? Or buy new bindings to solve both problems if avail? Thanks again ant advice Will help

    • Reply admin July 12, 2017 at 10:01 am

      1. I have had the same problem at the beginning. It gets much better with time, as you get better on JetSurf you will figure out how to turn properly and your feet stop sliding out. I wouldn’t recommend water shoes but water socks with a grip on the bottom could help.
      2. Unfortunately, you can’t bring them closer right now but I know that factory is working on it and new model should have that option.

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