JetSurfer on homemade buoy

How to make a buoy for temporary JetSurf track

If you have a spot where you are allowed to ride your JetSurf but you feel like it’s getting more and more boring to just ride from one side to another then you need to create your own temporary racing track. You’ll see right the way that the fun you’ll be having is one level
JetSurf prize

JetSurf price

Some people may think the JetSurf price is a bit too high at first sight because it starts at $9900 for a basic model Ultra Sport and goes up to $14000 for model Race Titanium. Of course, it is a lot of money, we agree, but… Let’s go take a closer look what you will
JetSurf calendar 2017

MotoSurf WorldCup

The same thing what Formula 1 means for car racers, MotoSurf WorldCup means for JetSurf racers. If you are really serious about JetSurfing your goal should be to compete against the best JetSurf riders in MotoSurf WorldCup races. MotoSurf WorldCup 2017 will have 5 races on 3 continents this season. It also will be the
Místa, kam stojí za to vzít JetSurf – 1. díl Miami, USA

JetSurf trips – part 1, Miami USA

First of our JetSurf trips, we would like to take you to Miami, USA This is our favorite destination because we are spending a lot of time here and know the area really good. If you ever will travel to Miami and will have any questions, don’t hesitate and ask us in comments under the
Amazing JetSurf girl riding in Miami

How to create amazing JetSurf video

Do you want to have an amazing JetSurf video like this one? You will need to buy a few things. We’ve personally tested everything we describe in this post and we are very satisfied with it. We are not trying to say it is the best what you can get on the market today, but it’s perfect
JetSurf on Van Dutch Miami

Progress of JetSurf

How far can progress of JetSurf get and what should factory focus on? It is hard to say, but we try to talk about it a little bit anyway. In our own opinion is JetSurf perfect in one thing. That is its beautiful shape. It always puts me in a better mood when I take
JetSurf at Miami boat show

JetSurf at Miami International Boat Show

It is the second time JetSurf has the exhibit at Miami International Boat Show and it is the second time we have been there to visit them and to see what is new and what progress they’ve made. We were very excited about what we have seen. Let’s start the tour. How to find JetSurf
airplane in sunset

Work with us and get a reward!

We would like to create a list of spots where it is worth to take your JetSurf with you. We’ll be happy if you share your experiences from trips with JetSurf around the world. We know from our own experience that it’s much better to have us much information us you can get ahead, so
JetSurf jezdec na vlně

Things to think about before buying JetSurf

Before buying JetSurf you should take a time and think about a few important things. We have tried to include them all in our post. 1. Weight The weight of JetSurf with empty fuel tank is almost 20 Kg (44 lbs). JetSurf comes with a pretty good cover which allows you to carry it on
Jetsurf scott helmet

Extra equipment for JetSurf

If you are not MotoSurf WorldCup racer, you will not need any extra equipment for JetSurf. That said, you should have in mind that JetSurf can reach speed up to 37 mph (60 km/h), so I strongly recommend to have at least some of the following safety gear.   Life jacket It’s necessary to wear