New pictures in our gallery from Stas Kosinov from Russia

We have just received new pictures on our email from Stas Kosinov from St. Petersburgh. JetSurf is very popular sport in Russia and its community keeps growing every day. As you can see Stas has to deal with riding in cold weather conditions but he is enjoying his JetSurf anyway. Thank you, Stas, for your
JetSurf girl is getting ready for first ride.

First ride on JetSurf. Get ready!

It is very exciting to finally get your own JetSurf and take it for the very first ride. For somebody, it can be even a little bit stressful when they realize they will have to take care about everything with no support from the JetSurf instructor. Don’t worry though! We will help you to set
how to change JetSurf spark plug

How to change JetSurf spark plug – JetSurf service

How to change JetSurf spark plug is a basic skill which everybody has to learn. Always have at least one spare spark plug in your JetSurf toolkit. We’ve made an instruction video for you so you can see everything with your own eyes. We will also add this video to our JetSurf service section so you
how to wash jetsurf

How to wash JetSurf after riding in salt water

Salt water is like cancer for your JetSurf. That’s why you must wash your JetSurf and get the salt water out of engine after every ride on the ocean. In this post, we will tell you and even show you how to do it. We’ve made an instruction video for you so you can see
Glen O. 1

New pictures in our gallery from Glenn O.

We have just got new pictures from Glenn O. He didn’t add any comments or anything else but as you can see he is definitely having fun. Looks like he has a little JetSurf shack on a beach somewhere. Hopefully, next time he will send us more information about the spot he is riding on. We
wheele surf board rack 2

JetSurf transport, if you can’t use a car – part 1

Yes, you are able to carry JetSurf on your back if you have it in original JetSurf cover, but it is still a heavy load. We took our time and tried to find something that could help us with transporting JetSurf around if you can’t use a car. We found out that there is nothing
Maxence Bonnin from France JetSurfing

We have just got videos from Maxence Bonnin from France

We have just got these 3 new videos of Maxence Bonnin enjoying his JetSurf ride in France. Look at the beautiful views he has while he is riding there. Hopefully, he will add more info about where is he riding next time so we will be able to visit this spot and ride our JetSurfs
JetSurf race in Prague 2016

Why to become a JetSurf racer

1. The cheapest World Championship among all the similar water sports The MotoSurf WorldCup races are taking places all around the world. The biggest different from other similar water sports is that you don’t need to have millions of dollars in the budget for each season. The JetSurf is ultra light (only 18 kg) and
JetSurf girl in Miami

We have created a new page on our blog. JetSurf gallery!

Do you have a JetSurf photos or videos? Do you want others to see them? Send them to us! We have created a new JetSurf gallery for you where we will publish your photos and videos. All you need to do is to send your JetSurf photo or video on our email and we
St. Petersburg

Changes in MotoSurf WorldCup calendar 2017

The China race canceled. Petrohrad race instead. We have just got a news about MotoSurf WorldCup calendar for season 2017. With a big disappointment, we found out that China race was canceled. We will have a race in Russia instead and it will be happening in St. Petersburgh. St. Petersburgh is a beautiful city, full