New pictures in our gallery from Stas Kosinov from Russia

We have just received new pictures on our email from Stas Kosinov from St. Petersburgh. JetSurf is very popular sport in Russia and its community keeps growing every day.

As you can see Stas has to deal with riding in cold weather conditions but he is enjoying his JetSurf anyway. Thank you, Stas, for your contribution to our gallery.

Stas also had a few questions about MotoSurf WorldCup and how to become a racer on us. Evidently, it wasn’t a coincidence because next MotoSurf GP will have a race in St. Petersburgh. We hope that our information will help him and maybe we will see him in the race soon.

If you also need some information about how to become a JetSurf racer just click here.

If you also have some JetSurf pictures at home and you want to see them in our gallery, just send them to us on our email Thank you.

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