Jiri Nekvapil 1

New pictures in our gallery from Jiri Nekvapil

We have received new pictures on our email jetsurfblog@gmail.com. These pictures are from Jiri Nekvapil. Jiri is riding his JetSurf in Croatia and obviously having a good time. Beautiful riding in amazing nature.

Thank you, Jiri that you took the time and shared your pictures with us. We are adding your pictures to our gallery.

Jiri Nekvapil 1 Jiri Nekvapil 2Jiri Nekvapil 3Jiri Nekvapil 4



















If you want to see more pictures of Jiri you can find him on Instagram as #jirinekvapil.

Do you also have a JetSurf pictures and want to share them with others? Send them to us on our email jetsurfblog@gmail.com and we will publish them in our JetSurf gallery and on our Instagram account. Thank you.



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