JetSurf calendar 2017

MotoSurf WorldCup

The same thing what Formula 1 means for car racers, MotoSurf WorldCup means for JetSurf racers. If you are really serious about JetSurfing your goal should be to compete against the best JetSurf riders in MotoSurf WorldCup races.

MotoSurf WorldCup 2017 will have 5 races on 3 continents this season.

JetSurf calendar 2017
JetSurf calendar 2017

It also will be the first season when racers will compete for prize money. The prize money for each race are set on $3530 in total and how much each racer will get depends on how many points will be able to collect during the heats and finals. (1 point = 4 EUR).

Besides the prize money, the top 10 men racers have a free hotel room and flight ticket for next race. In the women category, it will be the same for the top 5 racers.

Overall Winner of MotoSurf WorldCup wins new Jetsurf Race Titanium which is worth $14000.

JetSurf Race Titanium
JetSurf Race Titanium

Local Races

Some countries will also organize local races. Points from this kind of events will not be counted to MotoSurf WorldCup but the top racers with most points will be able to compete in main races in 2018 season.

Gear requirements

All the gear requirements for JetSurf races are just basic things like Jetsurf in good mechanical condition, a life vest, and a helmet.

Racing license (FIDSM license)

An FIDSM license is necessary to participate in the races. To request a license or to register for a race or for any information about becoming a racer, please use the email:

For men category is an all-year license 100 EUR and a one-race license is 50 EUR. Women all-year license is 50 EUR, one-race license 50 EUR.

You can find the list of racers for upcoming season 2017 here.

MotoSurf WorldCup standings 2016 men category

JetSurf standings 2016
MotoSurf WorldCup standings 2016

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