Místa, kam stojí za to vzít JetSurf – 1. díl Miami, USA

JetSurf trips – part 1, Miami USA

First of our JetSurf trips, we would like to take you to Miami, USA

This is our favorite destination because we are spending a lot of time here and know the area really good. If you ever will travel to Miami and will have any questions, don’t hesitate and ask us in comments under the post or leave us a message on our email jetsurfblog@gmail.com.

Transport from the airport


After arrival at Miami International Airport, you don‘t have to worry about how to transport JetSurf to your hotel or place where you are going to stay. At the exit of the airport you will see a long line of taxis, usually several of them are big SUV in which your JetSurf fits easily.

If you don‘t see the line immediately, signs “taxi” will lead you to it safely. Before you get into a cab, you will be asked by someone who always stands in front of them and distributes people to them “Where you want to go?”. You don’t have to tell him the exact address, just Miami Beach, Downtown or any other location. Price for the taxi to Downtown and Miami Beach is given regardless of the exact address, which you tell to the taxi driver. It is $35 + tip. The tip is up to you but generally is about 10%.

taxi Miami International Airport
Taxi line at Miami International Airport

Shuttle bus

The second option is a ‘shuttle bus’ – If you’re traveling by yourself and you want door-to-door service to your hotel, the Super Shuttle is usually a little cheaper than a taxi.  This service requires no advance reservation and is available 24-hours a day at the airport.  If you’re going to Coconut Grove, downtown Miami or to the Port of Miami, the rate is set at $14 per person.  South Beach and Mid-Beach hotel destinations cost $19 per person, while North Beach and Bal Harbour are $20.

Super Shuttle at Miami International Airport
Super Shuttle at Miami International Airport


The third option is Uber. It wasn’t allowed at the airport before, but now it’s no problem. Select the terminal and door number and you can choose how big car you need. The price is around $ 10-20 (price depends on traffic)

For any traveling around Miami with JetSurf, we recommend Uber, where you can specify how big car (SUV) you need. The only downside is that there are a lot of drivers, who don‘t understand much English. Address where you want to go, always check ahead and type it straight into the Uber app. When specifying location verbally, it can cause misunderstanding and if you are in Miami for the first time, you don’t realize that you aren’t where you wanted, until it’s too late.

Basic rules of riding JetSurf in Miami

Miami is a great area to ride, but you must follow a few rules to not have unnecessary trouble with the police, which you meet on the water quite often.

At many places, especially in the residential canals between South Beach and Downtown, is a speed limit. There are either speed-limit or ‘No wake zone’ signs at these places. In this, ‘no wake zone’ boats must cause absolutely no wave. Although JetSurf doesn’t leave wave even at high speeds, I recommend you to go as slowly as possible in these areas, otherwise, police will definitely stop you and give you a fine.

If you ride close to a public beach, watch out for buoys. You should never get between buoys and the beach. Between buoys and beaches are motor vessels prohibited.

Another thing (not too well known) is jumping on the wave behind the boat. It is forbidden to get your boat completely above the water by crossing a wave of boats in front of you. This rule is limited to 150 feets. That means that if you jump with your JetSurf over 150 feets behind the boat, it should be okay. But I still recommend always look around and prefer not to jump close to the police boat :).

Never ride on the open sea water without a friend on a boat. If anything goes wrong with your JetSurf, you can get into the water channel moving away from the shore, not to mention the fact that you are in sharks territory.

Where to ride JetSurf

Hobie Island Beach Park

On the way between Downtown and Virginia Key. A 10-minute drive from Downtown, 20 minutes from South Beach. It is a public beach with free parking and easy access to water. The downside is that you should start JetSurf beyond buoys, which are approximately 170 feets (50 meters) from the shore. Riding between these buoys and beach is prohibited. Water is shallow so you can get behind buoy easily.

Address: 1 Rickenbacker Causeway, Key Biscayne, FL 33149, United States


South Beach

I wouldn’t recommend riding on South Beach. Buoys are located far from shore and hard to get there. It’s a beach with lifeguards on duty, so they probably wouldn’t even let you get into the water with JetSurf. Often there are waves. However, if you can ride from a boat and conditions with a calm surface, it’s a nice ride with views of South Beach itself. 10 minutes from Downtown. Only a paid parking and especially on weekends difficult to find a place.

Address: South Beach


Sunset Harbour Yacht Club

Good access to water. You can get straight into a canal, surrounded by beautiful houses. Calmer water without large waves, very nice ride. Paid parking, sometimes is difficult to find a place.

Address: 1928 Sunset Harbour Drive, Miami Beach, FL 33139


Pinetree Park

Parking 3 hours for free. From the parking lot, you have to carry JetSurf about 170 feets (50 meters)to water. Very good access to water. Near shore is a small floating pier. Again beautiful ride on the canal between the millionaire’s villas. If you look on a map, you can find a way to the open ocean. I recommend only if you are sure of calm surface there.

Address: Miami Beach, Florida 33140, United States


Training center

They are still negotiating about its location.


If you’ve ridden in other places, please let us know in comments underneath. Thanks.

Where you can wash JetSurf

Before you choose a place where you are going to stay, ensure to find out if you have the opportunity to wash JetSurf. Not every hotel allows you to do it.
Fortunately, there is newly opened shop with JetSurf in Miami, where will they do any repairs and service for you. The store was opened by Petr Vencovský, so you can speak Czech, and you can ask him where it’s a possibility to wash your JetSurf. (or maybe wash it right there).

Service and repairs

Address: 2318 no 2nd, Miami, FL

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