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JetSurf trips – Langkawi, Malaysia

Thanks to our JetSurfBlog readers called “team Essens” we can take you on a second JetSurf trip. This time you can get some tips from a trip to Langkawi in Malaysia.

We would like to thanks to “team Essens” for sharing experiences from their JetSurf trip and we are sending them a little award for the effort. Thank you.

Langkawi Malaysia

March 2017 we went on family road trip to Langkawi in Malaysia. We just bought two new JetSurfs and planned to take them with us.

Getting ready for the trip

JetSurf is considered as an oversized luggage when you are taking him on a plane so we were trying to look up all the information and under what conditions we would be able to travel with it.

At first, Turkish Airlines which we picked for our trip, refused the take our JetSurfs on a plane at all. After some negotiation, we managed to book our flight with JetSurfs under the condition that JetSurf’s fuel tank will be absolutely clean. (We cleaned it with basic fuel cleaner without any problems).

On the Prague airport, everything went smooth. For the oversized luggage (JetSurf) we paid 80 EUR / flight ticket / 1 way. In Singapore, where we were staying for 4 days, we put our JetSurfs in airport storage. (Available on terminal 1, 2, 3). The price was 13 USD / 24 hours.


The first complication came up when we were trying to book the ticket from Singapore to Langkawi. We have included JetSurf to our flight ticket as a surfboard because their flying condition says “surfboard can’t exceed size 277/109 cm and weight of 32 kg and JetSurf doesn’t exceed any of it. The price was 43 SGD for 1 surf / 1 way. It seemed to be simple and easy BUT…

Just to make sure we ask the AirAsia airline in their online chat. The answer they gave us was “no, we can’t take it on our plane”. So even though JetSurf fits in all their conditions they said no anyway.

Because we have already paid for the flight tickets we went on airport anyway and wanted to at least ask them again. We were very surprised and happy that nobody on the airport check-in had any problem with it. So we were back on track and our JetSurfs got on Langkawi with us.

Hotel transport

We took our time and contacted our hotel The Datai ahead to let them know that we are coming with two JetSurfs and they manage to send a driver for us (Serena Hybrid) who took care of our transport to the hotel. Perfect set up.

Pasir Tengorak beach

We knew even before our arrival that we are not allowed to use our JetSurfs on private hotel beach but hotel personnel arranged transport to Pasir Tengorak beach for us where we could have used our JetSurfs with no problems. The trip to Pasir Tengorak beach took us about 15 mins. The price for transport was RM 100 / 1 way.

Pasir Tengkorak, Malaysia
Pasir Tengkorak, Malaysia

JetSurf damage

The only bad think on our JetSurf trip was that Turkish Airlines damaged one of our JetSurfs on our way back to Prague. That’s why I would like to recommend to all the JetSurf’s owners and travelers to take the time and wrap up your JetSurfs us much us you can in some protective material.

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