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JetSurf transport, if you can’t use a car – part 1

Yes, you are able to carry JetSurf on your back if you have it in original JetSurf cover, but it is still a heavy load. We took our time and tried to find something that could help us with transporting JetSurf around if you can’t use a car. We found out that there is nothing out there made just for JetSurf transport.

Search on the Internet

We went on the internet and used key words like ‘Surf rack’ or ‘Surf trailer’ and hoped to find something. Right the way we had a lot of choices to choose from.

If you do it the same way as we did just don’t forget that you are looking at stuff made for surfs. JetSurf has almost 44 lbs so you need to pick something with solid construction.

After few hours of searching, we had all of our attention on surf trailer made by surf company Wheele. Full name is Surfboard Bike Trailer Wheele SUP.

It is a bike trailer and it looked like it can carry JetSurf weight with no problem. So we didn’t hesitate and ordered Wheele SUP from Amazon right the way. After a few days of using, we are bringing you our opinion.

Wheele SUP

Right after unboxing we found out we are missing the manual for an assembling. Luckily for us, there is an instruction video on youtube and after we watched it, it was really easy to put all the pieces together.

The first thing we could have noticed was nice storage bag where we could have put towels, wet suits, and bottles of water. It is really useful. (You shouldn’t put nothing too heavy in it so we had our gas can in sports bag and carry it on our shoulders as you can see on 3. picture in this post).

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Assembled Wheele SUP

After the first ride with the trailer connected to our bike, we were very surprised with maneuverability. The Wheele SUP worked great and even in turns, we couldn’t almost tell that we have the trailer behind the bike.

wheele surf board rack 4
The Wheele SUP connected to a bike

First ride with JetSurf loaded

Now was a time for real test with JetSurf. Putting JetSurf on the trailer and tieing it up can be a pretty difficult job for one person, but if you have a friend with you, it goes smooth. After we made sure everything is safely tied up we were ready for our first ride.

We foud out right the way when we stepped on our bike that it is not going to be that easy with JetSurf loaded as it was without it. The bike lost its maneuverability immediately.

It happened because Wheele SUP has one advantage which turns into a disadvantage with JetSurf loaded on the trailer. Every time you make a turn, Wheele SUP will slightly incline your load to one or another side to keep both wheels on the road under all circumstances. It is practical in sharp turns but can be your enemy after loading a JetSurf on.

wheele surf board rack 1
The Wheele SUP with JetSurf on

This incline will be putting you off the balance in every turn. It won’t be such a big issue on a road somewhere in a small village but it will be in a bigger city with busy roads and lot of cars. We stepped off our bike and rather pushed it next to us in cases like this. It was safer.

Wheele SUP definitely doesn’t belong on busy roads!

JetSurf transport with Wheele SUP is possible

Our verdict that time was that Wheele SUP is not made for JetSurf transport and we won’t use it anymore. BUT… We still saw some potential in it. We gave it one more chance and decided it could help us like a trailer towed by our hand so at least we could drop the weight of JetSurf off our shoulders.

First, we took out the part which connects the trailer to your bike. Now you have the trailer with perfect size for JetSurf.

push before taking off
Push before sliding it out
Hitch sepperated from trailer
Hitch separated from trailer












We were able to set up JetSurf on this modified trailer much easier and it went smooth even when one person had to do it by himself.

The only downside of this is that JetSurf cover doesn’t have a strap on top so you don’t have a spot where to comfortably grab the trailer with JetSurf.

Everybody has to figure out their own way how to do it if they want to use it. We used extra rope and it worked just fine.

Our conclusion

The Wheele SUP has a big potential. If you are not a handyman thought who can make some adjustments on it, it won’t be useful for your JetSurf and isn’t worth to buy it.

I haven’t even talked about the price on this bike trailer yet and it isn’t low either. Check all the info including price here.


  • Storage bag
  • Lightweight frame


  • Bike has a bad maneuverability with JetSurf loaded on
  • Price

Do you have any other ideas which people could use for JetSurf transport if they can’t use a car? Send them to us on our email jetsurfblog@gmail.com or write them down in comments underneath our post. Thank you.

Quick important note

We would like to make sure that everybody understands we actually think only the best about stuff company Wheele is making for surfers. Our negative opinion is only about specific product Wheele SUP and only for using it for JetSurf transport. For surfs and paddle boards works great and we actually like it a lot.

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