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JetSurf price

Some people may think the JetSurf price is a bit too high at first sight because it starts at $9900 for a basic model Ultra Sport and goes up to $14000 for model Race Titanium. Of course, it is a lot of money, we agree, but… Let’s go take a closer look what you will be getting for that kind of money and compare it to other similar sports.


JetSurf is a high-tech product with more than 10 years of development and among all the motorized surf boards has no competition. Its weight is only 18-20 kg (33 lb) which makes it easy to carry around. In fact, as far as we know JetSurf is the only motorized water vehicle that is compact enough to take with you during travels as personal luggage, which makes it very convenient to bring along. That’s an awesome advantage for flight travel!


The price of JetSurf is higher mainly because it’s all made from carbon-fiber. This material is very expensive, but just because of carbon-fiber is JetSurf so light and you are able to easily travel with it.


JetSurf price vs. Jet Ski

Let’s compare JetSurf price with other similar sports. The closest similar sport is probably jet ski. For example, the price of Yamaha jet ski starts at $7700 and goes up to $15800. How you can see this price is almost the same as the JetSurf price, but you also have to think about other stuff. You will need to buy a trailer for transporting jet ski and overall traveling with jet ski is much more expensive and more difficult.

JetSurf vs Jetski
JetSurf vs Jetski

JetSurfu price vs. Wakeboard

Another sport, which could be alternative sport to JetSurf is Wakeboarding. Wakeboarding has the advantage of a cheaper boards, you can get them for around $200-500 but if you don’t have a friend who owns a boat you will have to buy one or be renting one all the time you will want to ride. All of sudden you are spending much more money than you would with JetSurf.
Another downside of wakeboarding is the amount of work it takes. You have to grab the truck, pick up the boat, tow it to the lake, launch it, etc, not to mention you need extra people to drive the boat.

JetSurf vs Wakeboard
JetSurf vs Wakeboard

Overall results

So overall results. Although the price of JetSurf is a little higher, you will get so many amazing experiences and so much fun that buying a JetSurf is definitely worth it.

We may not have the objective point of view because we love JetSurf but we believe you will too and it will also make you happy as it makes us and at the end, you will agree with us.

Do you agree with us? If you don’t agree or you would like to add something, just let us know in comments underneath. Thank you.

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