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How to pick the right JetSurf

The company JetSurf featuring 4 models. Ultra Sport, Factory GP, Race, Race Titanium.


Ultra Sport – BORN FOR FUN category.

This model is suitable for beginners who just stepping on the JetSurf for the first time or younger riders. It has a slightly less powerful engine but still can go 48 km/h so you can trust me if I tell you, you will have lots of fun on it.

Also great for a family time by the water. The advantage of this model are pads on both sides of the JetSurf, doesn’t matter if you are right handed or left handed. It will be handy if you borrow JetSurf to your friends or family members.

Prize: $9 900



Factory GP – BORN FOR THRILL category.

This model is little more powerful, but by my opinion suitable for beginners too. Basically suitable for everyone. Its maximum speed is up to 55 km/h. Even in this kind of speed, it is really smooth ride and easy to maneuver.

If you have any experience from snowboarding or wakeboarding I would recommend this JetSurf.

Prize: $11 400






This model is suitable for advanced riders. For riders who fall in love with JetSurf and want to have maximum fun, maybe even thinking about racing in MotoSurf WorldCup.

It can reach speed up to 58 km/h. It’s characteristic are really close to the fastest model RaceTitanium.

Prize: $12 400




Race Titanium – BORN FOR RACE category.

This model is only for JetSurf racers. It is really fast. Its maximum speed isn’t that much faster then model Race, it is up to 60 km/h, but it will get on this speed in 2,8 s. You will really feel that power on the water. Because of that much power in such a small engine, you will have more failures of the engine than with other JetSurfs.

Prize: $14 000



If you need help with picking the right JetSurf for you, contact us by email in ‘Contact’ form.

Just give us a little info about you, for example: athlete, non-athlete, age, how often you expecting to ride, what experience you already have with JetSurf etc. This info can help us to pick the right model for you.

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