Amazing JetSurf girl riding in Miami

How to create amazing JetSurf video

Do you want to have an amazing JetSurf video like this one? You will need to buy a few things. We’ve personally tested everything we describe in this post and we are very satisfied with it. We are not trying to say it is the best what you can get on the market today, but it’s perfect for JetSurfing and all water sports and we can definitely recommend it.

1. GoPro Session

GoPro SessionThe company GoPro is making more models than just this one, but in our opinion is GoPro Session perfect for creating an amazing JetSurf video. From day one we were very excited about pictures and videos this little camera was creating. To start using GoPro Session was so easy that we were able to shoot our first video even without studying the manual first. If you don’t have any experiences at all, don’t worry, there are good instructional videos on youtube. (E.g. here). Tha camera has a lot of additional features such us simple holder which allows you to easily stick the camera to your helmet or JetSurf board and create original videos from different angles. You will be amazed by the quality of pictures and videos you’ll be making.

After you download your videos to computer, you can work with them in the Quik app. You can download this app here.

Pros –

  • compact size
  • weight of just 2.6oz (74g)
  • waterproof to 33′ (10m)
  • easy to use
  • photos and videos in amazing quality

2. SanDisk Extreme 64GB micro

Memory card for GoPro SanDisc ExtremeSanDisk Extreme 64GB micro memory card is not included in GoPro Session box. You will need to buy it separately. It is memory card recommended for GoPro cameras and we are very satisfied with it. It can hold a lot of videos and photos and works without any problems so far.

3. Waterproof Telescopic Pole CamKix

Waterproof telescopic pole CamKixWe were never big fans of selfie poles, but for creating amazing JetSurf video is selfie pole necessary. Don’t forget it must be waterproof. After a long research on the web, we found Waterproof Telescopic Pole CamKix.

Its big advantage is that it floats, as you can see here. If you drop it in water during the ride you don’t have to be worried that it will drown and you will lose all of yours photos and videos. Another handy feature is handle with orange or yellow color which helps you to easily notice and find it on water.

The cap on the bottom of the floating hand grip can be unscrewed to reveal a hollow compartment that can be used to add water to achieve neutral buoyancy underwater (video here) or store small items such as money.

This waterproof telescopic pole CamKix has also included a detachable cradle for your GoPro WiFi remote. (WiFi remote not included)

We would like to also mention a few words about the hand grip. Even though we have had sunscreen on our hands we’ve never had any troubles to manipulate with the pole and it hasn’t slipped out of our hands once.

Pros – 

  • light weight
  • floats in water
  • waterproof storage compartment
  • detachable cradle for your GoPro WiFi remote
  • the adjustable wrist strap

4. WiFi remote

Wifi remote GoProVery handy. You always need to have one hand on the JetSurf throttle so if you put the WIFI remote on the selfie pole, you’ll be able to control your GoPro camera with only your thumb.

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