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How to change JetSurf spark plug – JetSurf service

How to change JetSurf spark plug is a basic skill which everybody has to learn. Always have at least one spare spark plug in your JetSurf toolkit.

We’ve made an instruction video for you so you can see everything with your own eyes. We will also add this video to our JetSurf service section so you will be able to find it anytime you need it.

When is it necessary to change JetSurf spark plug

  • preventive change of spark plug
  • if JetSurf spark plug doesn’t give a spark anymore
  • if JetSurf spark plug is wet

1. preventive change of JetSurf spark plug

JetSurf factory recommends changing spark plug every six hours of riding. Of course, it doesn’t mean you will have to carry stopwatch around all the time and watch how long you are already riding with one spark plug, but it is good to have at least estimated time in mind and if any problem comes up, change the spark plug immediately.

2. JetSurf spark plug doesn’t give a spark anymore

Sometimes, JetSurf spark plug will be working more than those mentioned 6 hours of riding with no problem. On the other side, sometimes it will stop making the needed spark much sooner. So don’t just rely on recommended changing time and always have spare spark plugs with you.

3. JetSurf spark plug is wet

It happens a lot that spark plug in JetSurf gets wet and can’t make a spark to start the engine. In this case, you need to pull out the spark plug, dry it out and get it back. The faster way is just changing the spark plug with a new one and not wasting your time on the beach with trying to get it dry. Don’t throw away the wet spark plug, dry it out at home and you can use it next time again.

Use only the spark plug specified by JetSurf factory – NGK BP7HS

JetSurf spark plug NGK BP7HS
JetSurf spark plug NGK BP7HS

In some countries, it can be hard to get this type of spark plugs but you can always purchase them online here.

If you are planning JetSurf trip make sure you have a few spark plugs NGK BP7HS packed and ready in your JetSurf kit. You will prevent a possible headache if you travel in a country where you won’t be able to buy them.

Although some companies may claim that they have an equivalent spark plug, JetSurf company strongly recommends using only spark plugs of NGK brand. Using any spark plugs other than NGK BP7HS may lead to the engine damage.

Last tips

  • before changing the JetSurf spark plug disconnect gas tank and take it out
  • check first if the JetSurf engine is not too hot
  • after removing the boot from the spark plug, never start the engine in a standard way. If the engine is started without having the boot mounted on the spark plug, it may damage your ignition control unit (ICU)
  • When working in the engine compartment, it is forbidden to handle a fire

Full instructor video “How to change JetSurf spark plug”:

So now you know how to change JetSurf spark plug. Let us know how it went when you tried it by yourself in comments underneath. Thank you.

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