JetSurf girl is getting ready for first ride.

First ride on JetSurf. Get ready!

It is very exciting to finally get your own JetSurf and take it for the very first ride. For somebody, it can be even a little bit stressful when they realize they will have to take care about everything with no support from the JetSurf instructor.

Don’t worry though! We will help you to set everything up.

1. Oil gas mixture

JetSurf has two stroke engine so you will have to mix gas with oil. The suggested ratio is 1:40 if you have a new model and 1:50 for models with more than 10 hours of riding. You can use an oil mixing bottle for getting the right ratio of gas and oil. A simple tool but very handy.

2. How to charge JetSurf battery

Not just before your first ride but before every ride make sure your battery is fully charged. It’s always a bummer when you are standing on the beach ready to ride and you just find out the battery is death. It is not a total disaster yet because JetSurf has the car charger connector so if you have it on you, you can be back on the water in like 30 minutes.

3. How to unfold JetSurf stand

Every new JetSurf has a stand included. You can find the stand in the side pocket of the JetSurf cover bag. Allways Use the JetSurf stand only on a solid leveled ground.

What you should use JetSurf stand for:

  • keeping the JetSurf above the sand surface (never let any sand to get inside of your engine department)
  • servicing of your JetSurf
  • washing of your JetSurf

Make sure you know how to unfold the stand before your first ride on JetSurf so you won’t waste any time with trying to figure it out on the beach.

4. How to install JetSurf fins

Installing of JetSurf fins is really easy. Just make sure you won’t loose any screws otherwise you will have to pack your stuff and go back to JetSurf service for new ones.

It is strongly recommended to use all 3 fins under all circumstances. It gives you the maximum control on the water.

Always remove all 3 fins when transporting the JetSurf. The fins are not designed to support the JetSurf’s weight and could break under its pressure.

Do not leave the screws of the side fins loose inside of the engine department, always pull them out. These screws could get in hard to reach places and even damage your engine.

5. How to connect and disconnect JetSurf fuel tank

Always disconnect the fuel tank before transporting JetSurf or working inside of the engine department (such as service or repairs).

6.  WD-40

It is also good to spray on the engine some protection from moisture and rust. We are using WD-40.

Before you get to your first ride on JetSurf you need to buy any product to protect your engine from moister and rust. We are using WD-40. If you want to take good care of your engine and have it in the best possible condition it’s necessary to spray WD-40 on the engine before and after every day on the water.


Right now we are also testing product of Jet Renu company, full name Jet Renu shield. According to the owner of Jet Renu, this product should have even better quality than WD-40 and it should be environment-friendly. Until we finish the testing we won’t be getting in any conclusions though.

How was your first ride on JetSurf? Let us know in comments underneath. Thank you.
  1. Reply Sean Santella July 7, 2017 at 2:56 pm

    Just had my first ride on the 4th of july. Let me tell you… wow!!! The first 40 mins was nerve racking setting everything up mixing fuel installing the fuel tank. The fuel tank was a super tight for so I couldn’t fill it with gas then install had to install first. After i put her in the water I started her up. She started but eiylnt stay started . Seemed as if there was no fuel getting to the carb. So my buddy sucked some gas out to make sure fuel was coming through and bam started right up . The first hour I was trying to get the hang of it cruising around on my knees. I couldn’t stand up yet. So I tried sitting from a dock and was able to stand for a lil while . The jetsurf definitely attracted a crowd lol. I have 2 questions
    1. When I did stand I noticed my base was pretty spread out. I’m short so it felt uncomfortable. Can I bring bindings closer?
    2. My feet kept sliding out when I was trying to turn. I tried tightening the straps but it wasn’t getting tight enough. Do you recommend getting water shoes? I see in a lot of pics kids are standing up and doesn’t look like there feet fall out. Is it just my inexperience? I read that racers cut the pad so they can grip better with there does. Any advice would help..thanks again . Looking forward to next ride!!

    • Reply admin July 12, 2017 at 9:56 am

      1. Unfortunately, you can’t right now but I know that factory is working on it and new model should have that option.
      2. I have had the same problem at the beginning. It gets much better with time, as you get better on JetSurf you will figure out how to turn properly and your feet stop sliding out.

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