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Extra equipment for JetSurf

If you are not MotoSurf WorldCup racer, you will not need any extra equipment for JetSurf. That said, you should have in mind that JetSurf can reach speed up to 37 mph (60 km/h), so I strongly recommend to have at least some of the following safety gear.


Life jacket

It’s necessary to wear a life jacket at all times on the water. You never know, anything can happen.

All of sudden you start feeling sick, your head starts to spin, you faint and life jacket can save your life. Don’t underestimate it and always take a minute to put a life jacket on before taking your JetSurf on water.



To fall on water at high speed, head first, is like to get a punch from a boxer. With a helmet on your head, you won’t feel anything.

In case there are more riders around you on water it is even more important to wear it. Let’s say somebody rides close behind, you fall down and the rider behind you won’t have enough time to avoid the crash. You can probably imagine what could happen if that JetSurf hits you in the head.


Shin pads

They are used mostly by racers. They have pretty crowdy starts in competitions, riding close to each other and often crashes happens. To get hit by other JetSurf to your shin leads to a bloody wound.

These kind of injuries are happening to amateur riders too. They are not following safety rules, riding too close to each other,  not aware of riders around them and crashes to each other.



Some of the racers are using them, some aren’t. Amateur rides won’t need them. If you often falling to water, it starts to be annoying that water always gets underneath.


Wet suit

In cold waters necessary.


Little advice. Be always aware of riders and other boats around you!

Whatever you didn’t find in this list of “Extra equipment for JetSurf” and think it should be here, tell us about it in comments. We’ll be happy to add it. Thanks.

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