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Changes in MotoSurf WorldCup calendar 2017

The China race canceled. Petrohrad race instead.

MotoSurf WorldCup calendar 2017
MotoSurf WorldCup calendar 2017

We have just got a news about MotoSurf WorldCup calendar for season 2017. With a big disappointment, we found out that China race was canceled. We will have a race in Russia instead and it will be happening in St. Petersburgh.

St. Petersburgh is a beautiful city, full of history and culture, but we were really excited about an exotic place like China. We have no official information about why this race has been canceled but we can imagine that organize a race in St. Petersburgh was probably much easier than organize it in China.

MotoSurf WorldCup in China
MotoSurf WorldCup in China 2016

Czech racers have a big advantage in direct flight from Prague to St. Petersburgh what eliminates a risk of JetSurf’s damages and damages of other equipment needed for organizing a JetSurf race. Other racers will probably have better and easier connection flights from their countries too.

Personally, we would rather have both races in the calendar, China, and Russian race too, but even though we will have only St. Petersburgh race we are still looking forward to new season and can’t wait to start racing.

Local races calendar 2017:

Mexico – Cancun


Singapore – Siloso Beach

Slovakia 24.6.

Czech republic – Valtice 19.-20.8.

Czech republic – Olomouc – Náklo 17.9.

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