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Jiri Nekvapil 1

New pictures in our gallery from Jiri Nekvapil

We have received new pictures on our email These pictures are from Jiri Nekvapil. Jiri is riding his JetSurf in Croatia and obviously having a good time. Beautiful riding in amazing nature. Thank you, Jiri that you took the time and shared your pictures with us. We are adding your pictures to our gallery.

New pictures in our gallery from Surf4u2

We have just received new pictures on our email The email contained only a few words: “Here are a couple of pictures from our trainers of Surf4u2 with our Jetsurf.” That is all the information we have got. So all we can say is that it is probably JetSurf school. If you want to

New pictures in our gallery from Stas Kosinov from Russia

We have just received new pictures on our email from Stas Kosinov from St. Petersburgh. JetSurf is very popular sport in Russia and its community keeps growing every day. As you can see Stas has to deal with riding in cold weather conditions but he is enjoying his JetSurf anyway. Thank you, Stas, for your
Glen O. 1

New pictures in our gallery from Glenn O.

We have just got new pictures from Glenn O. He didn’t add any comments or anything else but as you can see he is definitely having fun. Looks like he has a little JetSurf shack on a beach somewhere. Hopefully, next time he will send us more information about the spot he is riding on. We
Maxence Bonnin from France JetSurfing

We have just got videos from Maxence Bonnin from France

We have just got these 3 new videos of Maxence Bonnin enjoying his JetSurf ride in France. Look at the beautiful views he has while he is riding there. Hopefully, he will add more info about where is he riding next time so we will be able to visit this spot and ride our JetSurfs
JetSurf girl in Miami

We have created a new page on our blog. JetSurf gallery!

Do you have a JetSurf photos or videos? Do you want others to see them? Send them to us! We have created a new JetSurf gallery for you where we will publish your photos and videos. All you need to do is to send your JetSurf photo or video on our email and we