About Us

Who are we? People who love to travel and ride JetSurf. We created this JetSurf Blog to introduce you to this new sport and get you closer to it.

We want to travel the world with Jetsurf and create a list of places where is worth to take your Jetsurf with you and ride it. We’ll be appreciated if you help us with that and send us reports anytime you’ll go anywhere. Any experiences from your trips can help others to have their better and easier.

JetSurf rider in sunsetNext, we want to create a list of places where you can take your Jetsurf for service in case of any damage.

We will be giving you pieces of advice about how to take care of your Jetsurf, even how to easily repair small damages.

You can leave us a comments or questions and we’ll be always happy to help you with anything we can.