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May 2017

Frejús in France

First race of MotoSurf WorldCup 2017 – Fréjus in France

The first “season opening” race of MotoSurf WorldCup 2017 took a place in a small village in Fréjus in France. This race was originally placed in Monaco, but organizers of the race found so many restrictions for having the race on the ocean that it was easier to move it on a lake. Luckily for them, because

New pictures in our gallery from Stas Kosinov from Russia

We have just received new pictures on our email from Stas Kosinov from St. Petersburgh. JetSurf is very popular sport in Russia and its community keeps growing every day. As you can see Stas has to deal with riding in cold weather conditions but he is enjoying his JetSurf anyway. Thank you, Stas, for your
JetSurf girl is getting ready for first ride.

First ride on JetSurf. Get ready!

It is very exciting to finally get your own JetSurf and take it for the very first ride. For somebody, it can be even a little bit stressful when they realize they will have to take care about everything with no support from the JetSurf instructor. Don’t worry though! We will help you to set
how to change JetSurf spark plug

How to change JetSurf spark plug – JetSurf service

How to change JetSurf spark plug is a basic skill which everybody has to learn. Always have at least one spare spark plug in your JetSurf toolkit. We’ve made an instruction video for you so you can see everything with your own eyes. We will also add this video to our JetSurf service section so you