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Jiri Nekvapil 1

New pictures in our gallery from Jiri Nekvapil

We have received new pictures on our email These pictures are from Jiri Nekvapil. Jiri is riding his JetSurf in Croatia and obviously having a good time. Beautiful riding in amazing nature. Thank you, Jiri that you took the time and shared your pictures with us. We are adding your pictures to our gallery.
Wyboston Lakes 2017

Third race of MotoSurf WorldCup 2017 – Wyboston Lakes, UK

The third race of MotoSurf WorldCup 2017 took a place on Wyboston Lakes in the United Kingdom. No surprise in qualification Jakub Kornfeil found the fastest pace on Saturday’s qualification. Right behind him was Slovakian rider Sebastian Kubinec and third Lukas Zahorsky. In women’s qualification, the fastest time had Aneta Sacherova. The second was Martina

New pictures in our gallery from Surf4u2

We have just received new pictures on our email The email contained only a few words: “Here are a couple of pictures from our trainers of Surf4u2 with our Jetsurf.” That is all the information we have got. So all we can say is that it is probably JetSurf school. If you want to
JetSurf trainer

Dream job! JetSurf trainer and technician

Due to the success and great response JetSurf USA had in its first year in the United States, they are looking to add a lucky individual to their team. This person will literally enjoy the “dream job” by traveling to luxury and exotic destinations and demonstrating teaching and showing off the coolest product on planet
Timing sensor

How to change timing sensor in JetSurf

Today, we will teach you how to change timing sensor in JetSurf. We’ve made an instruction video for you so you can see everything with your own eyes. We will also add this video to our JetSurf service section so you will be able to find it anytime you need it. All JetSurf models made
MotoSurf WorldCup 2017 Petrohrad

Second race of MotoSurf WorldCup 2017 – St. Petersburgh, Russia

The second race of MotoSurf WorldCup 2017 took the best JetSurfers from all over the world to beautiful historic city St. Petersburgh. Duble surprise in men’s qualification  After his great ride, Young rookie, Jan Drkos was in the lead. His very fast time haven’t been beaten even by big names like Lukas Zahorsky or Sebastian Kubinec.
Pasir Tengkorak, Malajsie

JetSurf trips – Langkawi, Malaysia

Thanks to our JetSurfBlog readers called “team Essens” we can take you on a second JetSurf trip. This time you can get some tips from a trip to Langkawi in Malaysia. We would like to thanks to “team Essens” for sharing experiences from their JetSurf trip and we are sending them a little award for
Frejús in France

First race of MotoSurf WorldCup 2017 – Fréjus in France

The first “season opening” race of MotoSurf WorldCup 2017 took a place in a small village in Fréjus in France. This race was originally placed in Monaco, but organizers of the race found so many restrictions for having the race on the ocean that it was easier to move it on a lake. Luckily for them, because

New pictures in our gallery from Stas Kosinov from Russia

We have just received new pictures on our email from Stas Kosinov from St. Petersburgh. JetSurf is very popular sport in Russia and its community keeps growing every day. As you can see Stas has to deal with riding in cold weather conditions but he is enjoying his JetSurf anyway. Thank you, Stas, for your
JetSurf girl is getting ready for first ride.

First ride on JetSurf. Get ready!

It is very exciting to finally get your own JetSurf and take it for the very first ride. For somebody, it can be even a little bit stressful when they realize they will have to take care about everything with no support from the JetSurf instructor. Don’t worry though! We will help you to set